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Background Story

I was born in Baltimore but raised in Connecticut where my father was a doctor. I spent a year in Italy as a child and two years in Germany in the US army. 

I live in Simsbury Connecticut with my wife and an Old English bulldog named Rocco who runs the house. 

About Body

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The Velvet Trap is the second book in the Dianne Vargas Trilogy. It reflects the Epstein scandal and that courage and intelligence can overcome physical handicaps 


This is the first volume of a planned trilogy. I am currently shopping the second volume

"Someone was watching her. Pam was sure of it; someone was watching and stalking her and, though they had been divorced for a while, she wanted MJ there with her."

Arthur Day


Wisdom is a flighty thing

a butterfly upon the wing

that comes from something more mundane

as rainbows show up after rain

What is right and what is wrong

changes as we go along

What is good and what is bed

depends on training that we've had

At twenty what we see as light

at fifty has become the night

Now I think intelligence

another word for common sense

and butterflies upon the wind

are angels with new songs to sing

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